About Us

Agentura GoodWell s.r.o. – mediator on the job market.

The company helps all people who are seeking jobs in Europe and also companies recruiting new employees.

Our company offers highly professional mediator services on the job market.

We are well-informed of the employment issues and employee recruiting; we provide consultancy in this field.

Our activities focus mainly on large and medium sized companies in the Czech Republic, who urgently need new workers, experts and other personnel. We have been very successful in employee recruitment for the automotive industry, construction and cleaning companies.

We select employees with respect to all requirements.

We are approached by large numbers of people looking for new jobs. They are mainly citizens of the former Soviet Union republics, citizens of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

An extensive database enables us to find a new position within the Czech Republic very fast.

We can provide the required experts for any company in the shortest time possible.



Agentura GoodWell s.r.o.
IČO: 080 25 444


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Telefon: +420 775 897 777